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After a short training we can start the tour: we will cross the Danube river and go up to the Citadel. The Citadel is one of the highest points of Budapest, so it is a really unique experience, to climb a beautiful forested mountain that stands right in the middle of our capital. And of course with the Segway you don't climb: it's more like flying up to the hill... This is the best spot to take a picture and to deepen your knowledge about the history of Budapest. You can be sure, the panoramic view of the city, and of the Danube from above is absoluetly breathtaking. A moment that you will never forget!

At the top there is the Statue of Liberty and we can have a look to the other side of the hill and see the difference between the two citysides as well.

This tour also good at the end of your stay in Budapest, because from the top of the hill you can summerize what you have seen here.


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    Length 1.5 hours
    Price 39,99 € / person