We certainly do in light rain and we provide ponchos. Our Terms and Conditions describe our policy on weather. In cases of heavy rain or lighting, we will reschedule your booking to another suitable date. We do not offer refunds in case of rain.

We kindly ask you to be punctual for the starting time. You don't have to come earlier than the meeting time, but in regard to others the group shall not wait more than 10 minutes. We can not refund and change the date of any coupon and we can not pay back any reservation fee deposited after 10 minutes of the appointed starting time.

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable enclosed shoes. No high heels : ) Comfortable and appropriate clothing to suit weather on the day. We provide helmets and also sunscreen or gloves, hats and heating pads in cold weather.

We don’t recommend it as both hands need to be on the handle bars. At a designated location the tour leader can take photos for you or you can take photos when you come to a stop.

Expectant mothers are discouraged to participate in any Segway Tour activities for their own safety and the safety of their child.

The recommended minimum age is 6 years old with a minimum weight of 30kgs. We need you to be physically able to step on and off without assistance and remember that you will be standing for the entire duration of the tour. Weight limit is 130kgs.

There is parking house in Aranykéz utca next to our shop. The entrance is from the Türr István street at the corner.

These Segway tours fill to capacity on a regular basis and for this reason we suggest you book online or ring us to make a booking when you have a date in mind. As a general rule, tours book up about a week in advance on weekends. We will accommodate walk-ins whenever possible, however those spaces are very limited.

Yes, but if you follow the instructions it is very unlikely. While the Segway balances for you, it is still under your control and relies on you to control its direction and speed. As when driving a car or riding any moving device, care and observation of hazards is essential in order to avoid collisions with obstacles. Your ability to safely control a Segway will be assessed during training. If after an appropriate amount of training and our trainers assess that you are not safely able to control the Segway, for your own safety and that of others, you will not be able to take part in further activities.